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WinCo is an employee owned grocery chain which pays its 15,000 workers at least $11/hour, offers health and dental insurance-even for part-time staff, and invests 20% of an employee’s salary into a pension which has turned 400 cashiers and clerks into millionaires. They are Wal-Mart’s worst nightmare.


Where I used to live in Idaho, we had a Winco and I guess there tons of undocumented workers there
And one year, there was this huge raid at the store. I remember everyone freaking out about it cause we thought it was some hostage situation.
Nope. The staff had called immigration and reported all of its undocumented employees. The immigration officers even took a few people who were just shopping there. It was awful. My family knew some of the people who were taken away from their families from this.
I was kinda young when it happened but I remember the Hispanic community boycotted Winco for this and they lost a lot of profit.

In case anyone was interested, I searched the archives in my old hometown newspaper for the article on that happening. They’ve taken the main article down, it looks like, but here is an article of it happening not only at Winco but I remember that’s where it started. here is the article about the Hispanic community getting together to boycott Winco and here is an article where ICE confirmed the raids were going on there.

Supposedly the management at this store had nothing to do with the raid but they and employees helped the ICE agents. People would hide in the bathrooms and employees would tell the ICE agents where they were hiding. They weren’t even hiding because they were afraid of being caught here illegally, they were just afraid because ICE was arresting literally every Hispanic person they could find there. It was ridiculous.

After this, I remember my mom supported the boycott and she told other people around what other stores we could shop at and I remember tons of events were cancelled because they thought raids would happen again.

Some people during the first raid were deported and a lot of people were arrested or detained and ended up being legal immigrants here. It kickstarted a bunch of other raids that happened at this same store and Winco did nothing to stop it. I don’t think they would have been able to do anything but they encouraged these raids. I think that’s what made me the most angry.

proletarianinstinct I didn’t mean to ruin the post or this idea. Overall, Winco is pretty good as far as corporations go but those incidents really affected how I saw this chain and I thought it was important for other people to know.

You’re all good. This is information that needs to be known. 


zizek’s work is the critical theory equivalent of weird twitter


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“Money is the subjective expression, in the form of desire, of the monetary social relation. This social relation produces the common acceptance of the monetary sign and therefore turns it – from the perspective of individuals – into an object of desire, or meta-desire, since this particular object is the general equivalent that gives access to all (material) objects of desire. This relation and its institutional framework is thus responsible for producing one of the most powerful attractors of an economy of desire structured by the commodity. We can clearly see here both the difference between, and the complementary nature of, the respective analytical registers of currency and money: on the one hand, the institutional and social mechanisms that produce a collective belief-trust, and on the other, the mystification of individual desire.”

Frédéric Lordon, Willing Slaves of Capital: Spinoza and Marx on Desire (via foucault-the-haters)