So, I need help to get on my feet, if you’re willing to pitch in.


As of this morning, I am no longer with Ada and Brittni. As many of you know, one of my best friends was murdered 3 weeks ago, and I quit my job to deal with my emotional state because Ada and Brittni were willing to support me for a little while.

Currently, I am homeless due to the break-up. I’m going to be receiving help with one month of my apartment, and I am going to begin my webcam modeling venture again once I have an apartment. I need some things to start off, and I have absolutely no avenue of money currently until I can start that since I had just quit my job before this. 

So, if there’s any dollars you could donate to me, I would immensely appreciate it. My paypal email is and if you can’t donate, a reblog is also appreciated. 

I dropped from full support back to complete poverty in a day, so things are kind of hard to pull together at the moment. I’m staying at a friend’s house for one more night, so I have a place to sleep for the time being. After that, I’ll be in my car until I get this apartment.

Thank you in advance for your reblogs/donations. Your help is immensely appreciated.


She was preaching

Stay Moist

Una colección de fotografías de Gabriel García Márquez con Pablo Neruda (d. 1973), Mario Vargas Llosa, un joven Carlos Fuentes (d. 2012), amigo íntimo de Fidel Castro, Julio Cortázar (d. 1984) actuando juguetón, un alegre Octavio Paz, Hortensia Allende (d. 2009), Yasser Arafat (d. 2004), José Saramago (d. 2010), y un viejo Carlos Fuentes.

can someone explain the “it’s a metaphor” thing to me

i was out of tumblr when it happened




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Before John Green, his general category of realistic (non-fantasy) YA was rife with teen angst and “issues” fiction that you might have associated with the legendary Judy Blume, or with newer writers like Sarah Dessen or Laurie Halse Anderson. Anderson’s classic 1999 novel Speak, about a high schooler struggling to deal with the aftermath of sexual assault, was so influential that three years later Penguin launched an entire imprint named after it. One of the books launched under the behest of Speak was Green’s Looking for Alaska. But it’s Green whose name you’re more likely to know today, not Anderson’s, although Anderson has won more awards and written more books.

On Twitter, Green has 2 million followers. Compared to the rest of the leaders in Young Adult fiction, that number is staggering. To approach even half the Twitter influence of John Green all by himself, you need an entire army of YA women. Anderson, Blume, Dessen, Veronica Roth, Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead, Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia, Rainbow Rowell, Maureen Johnson, Malinda Lo, Holly Black, LJ Smith, Ellen Hopkins, Shannon Hale, Lauren Myracle, Libba Bray, Melissa Marr, and Leigh Bardugo: As a group these women only have about 1.2 million followers on Twitter. That’s the voice of one man outweighing several decades of women who have had major successes, critical acclaim, and cultural influence.

"Young Adult Publishing and the John Green Effect" (via bookshop)


No matter who you are, you fucking wave at a toddler saying “bye”